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A fiction - about our mother's life
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A fiction - about our mother's life
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Satan now sitting on his throne reviews the report submitted to him by a demon on an old widow of 73 years.  

Demon: “O master, I have seen an old widow aged 73 years alone in her house.  She cooks food herself and lives a simple life.  In her house, she always prays to God and reads Bible and other Christian magazines. She rises at 4.00 hours in the morning. She starts worshipping God by singing hymns and by reading the Bible loudly so that those in her neighborhood could hear her. She fasts regularly. She praises God under all circumstances and His praise is continually in her mouth. She never falls sick. She goes to the market almost daily for buying vegetables.  In her neighborhood and in the market, she tells about Christ to whomsoever she comes across.  Despite her old age, she has joined a prayer group called, “All Night Prayer Fellowship” which visits the different places in her nation to pray for revivals.  The prayer warriors of this group pray throughout the night during their prayer meetings. Her only priority in her life is to attend such prayer meetings.  She also takes some unsaved people to some evangelical meetings.  She has a burden for lost souls and a vision for revivals.  She knows her Lord personally and very intimately. 

Satan: “You go on telling about her brighter side…. What about the darker side of her spiritual life?” 

Demon: “Sir, she never speaks in tongues.  Even after taking immersion water baptism, she still goes to an Anglican church in her town.  Nevertheless, at times, she also goes to a Pentecostal group for prayers. She does not have scriptural knowledge.  She seldom preaches nor gives her testimony in any church.  In her prayers also, she quotes only a few scriptures she knows.  She repeats the same scriptures in all her prayers…” 

Satan: “Is there the sin of pride in her life because many children of God brag about their holiness?  Has she ever said in her prayer to God, “I am holy”? 

Demon: “No Sir.  She is humble.  In her prayers, she never said that she is holy.  She always says that she is washed by the blood of  the Lamb….” 

Satan: “Please do not utter that Name again because I cannot sit on my throne”. “Anyhow, I have also some more points about her.  Let us now go to God to accuse her before Him.” 

(Both Satan and his demon reach the presence of God.  The devil now reads out his charge sheet against this widow). 

Satan: “O God, the woman who claims to have been saved by Thee does not possess the Holy Spirit because she never speaks in tongues. Nor does she have a thorough knowledge of the Bible.  Though she reads Thy Word regularly, she hardly understands many of the scriptures.  She could not quote the chapter and verse numbers of Thy precious Word, which she reads daily.  This shows her scant regard for Thy Word.  She is thus not grounded in Thy Word, which Thou hast given to the human race for their salvation.  

She knows only a few hymns, which she repeatedly sings every morning loudly, thus causing nuisance to her neighbors who are asleep. She is not interested in learning more hymns to glorify and praise Thee. When she joins with the church or the prayer meeting in singing hymns, her voice, when compared to the other singers, is not sweet and pleasant to Thy ears. Other singers have tried to restrain her from singing because her peculiar tone does not synchronize with the rhythm of their music and tones. However, she is adamant in her singing with the group with the result that Thou mayest find no pleasure in hearing the melodious hymn which is sung in adoration of Thee. 

She gives only a few rupees as her tithe.  She has pestered her children who are in far off places to send her money for meeting her back and forth expenses for attending the “All Night Prayer” meetings held in different parts of her nation. She has become a nuisance to her own children and grand children because, at times, due to her old age, she wanted their help in taking her to these prayer meetings. For her, all her priority was the revival-prayer meetings and not the welfare of her children and grand children.  She is thus very selfish.  Her own children and grand children have accused her of selfishness in this regard. She is not worthy to be called Thy child”. 

(God, after hearing Satan, now replies). 


(Satan and his demon now flee from the presence of God). 

**Dear reader, the above is the testimony of my beloved mother who left us to be with her beloved Lord on 24th December 1997.