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Photo Album Page

Thangaswamys were blessed with five children i.e. T.Samuel Victor (first son), Leela Sahayaraj (second daughter), T.King Calvin (third son), T.Jeyasingh David (fourth son) and T.Job Anbalagan (last son). You can see the photos of some children and their families here.

The first son of Thangaswamys and his family
Samuel Victor, wife Jeba Victor, daughter Rani (middle) with her 2 daughters

The second daughter of Thangaswamys
Mrs.Leela Sahayaraj - a member of Assemblies of God Church, Madurai who has two sons

The grandson of Thangaswamys - son of T. S.Victor
Barnabas with his family (in New Jersey, USA)

The elder son of Leela Sahayaraj
Ebenezer Sudhakar - a pastor of Assemblies of God Church, K.K.Nagar, Chennai with his family

Younger son of Leela Sahayaraj - Jeyakar
Jeyakar and his wife Nisha in Kuwait

Family of the last son of Thangaswamys
Job Anbalagan, son Iwin Johnson, Mrs.Alvina Job

M.A.Thangaswamy Nadar (our father) and his family
Family photo taken during 1959 in Munnar, Kerala State

The third son of Thangaswamys - T.K.Calvin
Calvin , wife Parimala, sons Vijay and Vinod (Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu)